A note to our friends

Dear Friends and Fans,

We wish you and yours health, strength, safety, and hope during the pandemic.  


The Covid-19 virus has put a pause on live music.   We are using this time to reimagine what we want to get up to once the world resumes.  Thankfully, we are healthy, optimistic, and grateful that we have such excellent and creative room mates while stuck at home.   (yes, we are married to each other and plan to stay that way) 

Please contact us and let us know how you are doing.  

Looking forward to seeing you on the flip side.


Robert & Jeanette


Perfect Prime Music is:

Jeanette Isenberg: violinist, violist, hand percussion, studio teacher and coach, mastermind and once a year vocalist

Robert Young: organist, pianist, saxophonist of all sizes including Bass Saxophone, cornet, vocals, style arbiter


Ensembles are:

Violetta “gypsy jazz and everything else” guitar, violin + bass or cello sometimes viola

Tres Chic SF “a string trio or duo with a twist” or was it “twisted string….?” Small string ensemble covers of classics, jazz standards and contemporary pop

Encore! Ensemble “fine classical music without the stuffed shirts” –larger string-based ensembles seated orchestra or strolling.

El Dorado Syncopators Vol. II “quality out of date music” Historic New Orleans Style and more

Solo Piano or Lonely Violin “solo instrument for intimate gatherings” OR hire us together as a duo!

Whether you’re planning a wedding, proposal, holiday party, corporate bash, housewarming or sophisticated soiree, we can create a magical atmosphere that will set your event apart.

Perfect Prime Music will provide an experienced, professional group to create the mood you choose for your occasion.  This unique consortium of Bay Area musicians is structured for maximum flexibility.

  • You can design music for any event. We'll put together the musicians and the music for you.

    Jeanette Isenberg

All Types of MusicYou Chose

All types of music- classical, traditional, jazz, country, you name it! Let us know what you want- Let us know.